Personal Safety for Home Visitors

Home visiting is generally a safe area of practice. Occasionally, though, situations come up where a family support professional may be in an unsafe setting. This module will give family support professionals an overview of personal safety, describing what factors contribute to unsafe situations while traveling to and from the home visit and while in the home. The family support professional will learn how to prepare for home visits to ensure their safety and to recognize and avoid unsafe situations. The module will also show demonstrations of basic self defense techniques. This module is not a definitive or comprehensive personal safety or self-defense course. The family support professional's supervisor should give additional guidance to ensure the family support professional's safety.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. List steps to ensure personal safety
  2. List potential dangers to family support professionals
  3. Identify strategies for coping with these dangers
  4. Describe basic safety and self-defense measures for family support professionals
  5. List basic health precautions that protect family support professionals and their clients
  6. Describe agency policies and procedures that support family support professional safety

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Supplemental Materials
Estimated Time to Complete
60 minutes
Skills Addressed
Professional Practice Professional boundaries Personal safety