Breastfeeding 3: Helping Mothers Continue Breastfeeding

This module will give family support professionals information they can use to help women continue breastfeeding after the first month. The module describes common challenges that may occur, including postpartum depression, and questions a woman may have, along with information and strategies the family support professional can share to respond. The module discusses adding solid foods and when and how to wean. The module includes "red flags" to watch for that indicate that a mother may need additional help as well as resources that may be available to support breastfeeding mothers.

Learning Objectives 
  1. List and describe challenges and questions that can arise after the first month of breastfeeding
  2. List common challenges that may occur, and strategies for responding to these challenges
  3. Describe guidelines for adding solid foods and weaning
  4. Describe the scope of family support professional practice and when and how to make referrals

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Supplemental Materials
Estimated Time to Complete
30 minutes
Skills Addressed
Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition Child nutrition Breastfeeding Infant nutrition