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The Competency Framework

The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare, rooted in the Strengths Perspective, aims to transform lives and social contexts and promote social, economic, and environmental justice in Kansas, the nation, and the world. We do so by educating students to practice with integrity and competence; advancing the science and knowledge base of social work through scholarship and research; and participating in community-engaged service.

How do I apply?

A registered learner can apply by following these step-by-step instructions:

    1. Complete all required modules for the course or courses (all module quizzes must be passed with a score of 80% or higher to be
         considered complete). Note: It’s advised that if you are applying for credit on more than 1 course that you complete all the courses
         before applying through the University of Kansas Office of Admissions.
    2. Check your progress selecting the Go to College Credit button below
    3. The progress bar will show 100% if the requirements for the course is met
    4. Once you have reached the completion status of 100%, an “Apply Now” button will appear on the “My Progress” page.
         NOTE: If you are applying for more than 1 course credit, it is advised to complete all courses before applying to the KU Office of
    5. Use the “Apply Now” button in the course to begin the application process through the University of Kansas Office of

Frequently Asked Questions

May I earn college credit for completing Institute modules?
Yes! Students who successfully complete all modules and quizzes within a course with an 80% or better may apply for college credit.

I completed the module, how do I take the quiz?
If you are signed in and once a module is completed, select the “Back to Module” link at the top of the page and you will see a button Take the Compass Quiz. If you are unable to see this button, please refresh your browser, sometimes it takes a few minutes for the module to communicate completion with the system.

What college credit is available?
    • Institute - SWWD 101: Home Visiting I (1 credit hour)
    • Institute - SWWD 102: Home Visiting II (1 credit hour)
    • Institute - SWWD 110: Supervision for Family Support Professionals (1 credit hour)

How can I tell when I have completed a course so I can apply to KU Office of Admissions?
On the course page, there is a progress bar that indicates how many modules that have been completed with a passed quiz, completed with a failed quiz, and not yet completed. Once all modules and quizzes have been completed and passed, you will be eligible to apply for college credit through the KU Office of Admissions.

What do I need to do to apply for college credit?
Students must apply and be admitted to the University of Kansas as a non-degree seeking student. When completing the application, check the admission program code “SOCWN – Social Welfare Non-Degree Seeking.” Once admitted, students will be able to enroll in the appropriate course for the semester of admission. It is advised to wait until courses are completed to apply.

By applying for college credit within the Institute, you are permitting the Institute to provide University of Kansas School of Social Welfare with verification of your Institute course completion and score.

Note there are application deadlines for non-degree seeking students published on the KU Registrar's website. Should you miss the deadline and would like to be admitted for the current semester, you may contact the Office of Admissions via phone (785-864-3911) or email and request your application be considered for the current term.

If you are an international student, contact KU International Admissions at (785) 864-2616 or to see if you are eligible for admission.

How do I know if I have been admitted?
You will receive an email once your application has been received. You can also check your admission status online. Applicants are notified of admission decisions in about two weeks after a completed application is submitted.

When are classes offered?
Social Work Workforce Development (SWWD) classes are offered in 8 week blocks within the typical KU semester.

    Spring Semester

    Summer Semester

    Fall Semester

How do I enroll for a class?
Once admitted, you will be able to create a KU Online ID and password. You will then follow instructions and enrollment timelines for non-degree seeking students. The Office of the University Registrar outlines the steps for new students.

When will the college credit be posted to my transcript?
After enrolling, grades and credit will be posted at the conclusion of the 8-week KU course. You may request a copy of an official transcript from the Office of the University Registrar. Please note processing of transcripts typically takes 2-3 days after grades are posted.

How much does it cost?
    • Application Fee = $40
    • Tuition per credit = $100

How long do I have to apply for college credit?
Students have 3 years following the completion of Institute modules to enroll in the appropriate KU course and earn credit.

I have questions about college credit. Who should I contact?
    Kristin Trendel
    Assistant Dean
    KU School of Social Welfare

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