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Modules that address this Skill

Thumb maxinizimg team and peer networks
Maximizing Team and Peer Networks
Learn about effective teams and the different roles needed from each team member. Examine mu...
Thumb professional conduct and self care
Professional Conduct and Self-Care
Explores ethical issues in family support practice. Learn about the 8-step ethical decision ...
Thumb personal safety for home visitors
Personal Safety for Home Visitors
Home visiting is generally a safe area of practice. Occasionally, though, situations come up...
Thumb engaging fathers in their children s lives  2
Engaging Fathers in their Children’s Lives
This module provides the information, resources and skills family support professionals need...
Thumb home visiting 101 importance of home visiting  2
Home Visiting 101: Importance of Home Visiting
This module introduces the profession of home visiting and its importance for children, pare...
Thumb home visiting 102 home visiting skills and strategies
Home Visiting 102: Home Visitor Skills and Strategies
This module explores the daily activities of a family support professional and describes ski...
Thumb three step counseling strategy  2
Three-Step Counseling Strategy
This module, adapted from the WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor module developed by the USDA ...