Substance Exposed Infants, Part 1: Supporting Pregnant and Post-Partum Women’s Use of Medication-Assisted Treatment and Psychotropic Medications

This module introduces family support professionals and other service providers to basic information about the importance of medication compliance, and provides an understanding of how pregnant and parenting women being treated for behavioral health or medical conditions may be non-compliant or misuse medications. It prepares service providers to recognize women who may be at risk for noncompliance or misuse of medications, develop a plan for referral, and support women with behavioral health problems or medical condition. Service providers will learn important information about each of the topics as well as strategies for educating and supporting pregnant and postpartum women.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the barriers and strategies for the use of medication treatment
  2. Describe the options for medication assisted treatment and the importance of this treatment
  3. Explain the risks and benefits of psychiatric medication use and medication-assisted treatment
  4. Describe current treatment guidelines as they apply to the treatment of depression and other psychiatric disorders during pregnancy
  5. Identify additional interventions to help women experiencing perinatal depression
  6. Discuss how prescription medications are important to pregnancies with co-morbid conditions
  7. Give examples of service providers and resources and assist in making connections as appropriate