Leaning In: From Racism to Racial Equity

This 60-minute online module, Leaning In: From Racism to Racial Equity, will explore the complexities of race and racism and examine the inequities that people of color face in our society.

The module will also explore the impacts of racism on families with young children and offer strategies for supporting families of all races to address racial inequities to provide a better future for their children. Finally, the module will provide opportunities for you to reflect on your own experiences with racism and inequity and offer guidance on becoming an advocate for change.

Throughout the module, you’ll read powerful stories about racism and inequities that people of color have experienced in the United States. You’ll learn how all families, no matter their race, can use storytelling to help children develop positive racial identities.

Learning Objectives
  1. Define key terms related to racism.
  2. Describe the impacts of racism on individuals, families and communities. 
  3. Reflect on my own experiences with race and racism.
  4. Define antiracism and consider steps I can take to move towards antiracism.
  5. Describe strategies to support families with young children to advocate for themselves and address the impacts of racism and inequity.