Virtual Home Visiting 106: Supporting the Whole Family

This module provides information about supporting families virtually to meet needs that are outside the scope of your program and model. You’ll consider how adding virtually services to your community mapping can expand opportunities for families, and you’ll learn strategies for connecting families to resources virtually. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Name the Strengthening Families™ five protective factors.
  2. Identify needs families may have that fall outside the scope of your program or model.
  3. Describe how resources and referrals support the screening and assessment process. 
  4. Identify reasons families may benefit from accessing resources virtually.
  5. Describe the process of community mapping through a virtual lens, including the benefits of accessing virtual resources outside your community.
  6. Describe the process of a virtual warm handoff to community resources.
  7. Identify privacy and confidentiality safeguards to observe when connecting families virtually with resources.
  8. Describe your responsibilities after a referral is made.
Rapid Response - Virtual Home Visiting Collaborative. (2021). Virtual Home Visiting 106: Supporting the Whole Family. Institute for the Advancement of Family Support Professionals.

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Estimated Time to Complete
45 minutes
Skills Addressed