Leading and Nurturing the Family Support Professional

This module aims to invigorate or reinvigorate the family support supervisor and inspire him/her to become a better leader. Supervisors will learn strategies to balance the many tasks that come with the supervisory role and help them prioritize those tasks so that he/she may provide leaderships instead of just management.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Better promote their organization's mission in the community by discovering, or rediscovering, their passion for family support work
  2. Utilize the concept of the "golden circle" to reframe the program in terms of the "why" rather than the "what" and the "how" 
  3. Apply what Tony Robbins refers to as the "3 Decisions of Destiny" 
  4. Apply Tony Robbins' "6 needs" for human beings to their personal leadership style
  5. Understand what truly motivates people and explore how to use this new knowledge with your staff
  6. Develop hiring practices that identify the most qualified staff
  7. Generate a "work design" process that benefits both the program and the employees
  8. Learn how to use strength-based, reflective supervision in a way that will help staff improve services to families
  9. Become more comfortable leading through the change that is inevitable in family support work

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Iowa Department of Public Health
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Estimated Time to Complete
120 minutes
Skills Addressed