Ethical Decisions in Family Support Practice

This module explores the ethical issues of home visitation from the supervisor's perspective. Methods for managing crises sensitively and effectively will be provided. The importance of identifying potential risks and maintaining a safe environment for families and staff is also reviewed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the difference between ethics and values
  2. Understand what is meant by moral courage
  3. Utilize the moral courage checklist to assess ethical dilemmas
  4. Assist family support professionals with resolving ethical dilemmas
  5. Employ a consistent response for handling crisis situations (suicide, violence, etc.)
  6. Advocate for a safer work site, if necessary
  7. Establish joint safety protocols with agencies who share your facility
  8. Educate staff about assessing, preventing and intervening to reduce clients' threats/assaults
  9. Review strategies with family support professionals on violence prevention and intervention strategies

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Supplemental Materials
Estimated Time to Complete
120 minutes
Skills Addressed