Launch Timeline

August 1, 2017

Professional Development Modules from Virginia Available Through the Institute for the Advancement of Family Support Professionals Website

Early Impact Virginia collaborates with the Health Education Design Group at James Madison University to design web-based trainings for home visitors. These competency-based trainings are designed using best practices in adult education and support home visitors at every stage of their career. You can learn more at Virginia’s e-learning modules offer a preview to the engaging and high-quality e learning that will be available through The Institute’s custom professional development platform.

November 1, 2017

Launch of the Institute’s Custom Professional Development Platform

The Iowa Department of Public Health and the Virginia Department of Health are building upon their previous work to advance professional development for home visitors across the nation. With funding from the Heising Simons Foundation, they are working with the University of Kansas to create a suite of online professional development services. The Institute for the Advancement of Family Support Professionals platform will feature trainings designed by actual home visiting programs in multiple states. This collaborative approach will give all home visitors easy access to quality, competency-based learning modules. Additionally, the Institute’s e-learning modules will have innovative features that give each professional the power to make informed decisions about, and throughout, their learning.

December 31, 2017

Unveiling professional development modules for home visitors supporting immigrant and dual language learning families.

The Heising Simons Foundation is supporting the creation of two, online professional development modules that teach strengths-based approaches to supporting culturally diverse families. The Health Education Design Group at James Madison University will design these modules with immersive technology, like 360° video, to help professionals build empathy for families and gain familiarity with the complexities of acculturation. These trainings will cover topics like:

Summer 2019

The My Career Compass is made available exclusively through the Institute for the Advancement of Family Support Professionals

Through the Institute’s platform, professionals will have access to a dynamic and personalized learning map software called My Career Compass. The My Career Compass feature guides them through the e-learning modules to achieve the highest level of proficiency in topics like Early Childhood Development, Mental Health and Cultural Competency. This tool gives professionals the opportunity to assess their current knowledge and identifies pathways to achieving desired skills.

In addition to the Career Compass, the use of digital badging will also be available by providing an innovative way of ackowledging other professional skills and accomplishments.

Future Plans

Course Credit - CEUs - Competency Exam

After completing select modules, users will be able to apply for course credit through the University of Kansas as a non-degree seeking student. Users will also be able to earn Continuing Education credits for completing modules.

With the addition of the Certification Exam based on the Competency Framework, Family Support Professionals can earn National Certification.