The following resources are available:

Home Visiting Is Essential! (pdf) Video Campaign Description & Tips (pdf) Video Campaign Release Form (pdf) Self-Care Activities & Resources (pdf) Breathing Exercises (pdf) Schedule vs Routine (pdf) Home Visiting is Essential Questions and Answers (pdf) Mindfulness 3-2-1 Mental Health Resources (pdf) Centering-Breathing Exercises (pdf) How Do I Treat a Friend Excercies (pdf)
Remote Home Visitation: Supporting clients experiencing Intimate Partner Violence in the Time of COVID-19

This webinar is dedicated to evolving promising practices for home visitors within a virtual space to help caregivers who may be experiencing coercion and abuse from their partner, and to help them and their children be safer – but offered virtually.

Zero to Three Webinar Series Addressing Child Abuse and Neglect During COVID-19

The 5-part Zero to Three webinar series highlights the role of early childhood sectors in preventing child abuse during the COVID crisis.

Brazelton Touchpoints Mindful Self-Compassion Webinar Series

The Brazelton Touchpoints Center, the Center for Child and Family Well-being at the University of Washington, and the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion have teamed up for a three-part webinar series that will introduce families and family-facing providers to mindful self-compassion (MSC) practices to help them care for themselves and each other.