Rapid Response Virtual Home Visiting

The Rapid Response-Virtual Home Visiting collaborative (RR-VHV) will provide best practice principles and strategies to support all home visiting professionals in maintaining meaningful connection with families during this time of increased anxiety and need.

Through collaboration, the RR-VHV will leverage the extensive resources and expertise that exists across home visiting organizations to support the development and distribution of cross-model, cross system approaches and guidance.

Providing immediate support for our front-line home visiting staff and the families they serve is our highest priority.

The RR-VHV is committed to creating processes to facilitate collaborative content development and shared decision making.

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Guiding Principles

  • All materials will be provided free of charge and made accessible to providers through the Institute and other platforms.
  • All Information and resources shared will be designed to meet the needs of all home visiting professionals.
  • All materials developed as a result of this project will remain available to support future needs of the field.
  • Include as many provider networks as possible in content and resource development.
  • All providers bring unique and important views. Expertise will be sought based on content area and specific needs.
  • Every effort will be made to be as inclusive as possible. However, it is important to remember that no one individual or organization is expected to have expertise in every area. Please assess your own areas of strength and capacity to determine those areas in which you believe it is most important to be involved.
Shared Responsibility:
  • The RR-VHV will create a streamlined process for information gathering and sharing that is inclusive of all providers.
  • It will be up to each provider network to determine the most efficient way for inclusion in rapid decision making and content review.
  • To maintain a rapid response framework, we recognize that perfection may not be possible. We will all do our best to get things right the first time and will graciously accept constructive suggestions for future improvement.
  • Each provider network is responsible for sharing this work with local providers.

Home Visiting Rapid Response Collaborative Structure

Steering Team: Leads the Work


Advisory Team: Guides the Response

Thought leaders from across the field including National Model Alliance Member organizations, Association of State and Tribal Home Visiting Initiatives (ASTHVI), HV-ImpACT, HV-CoIIN, University of Southern California, Brazelton Touchpoints Center, etc.

Resource Team: Develops the Content

Subject Matter Experts from across the field, partner organizations and existing training and technical assistance systems.
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